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damian wawrzyniak, chef consultant


A Culinary Journey

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Introducing Chef Consultant: Elevate Your Culinary Excellence!


Are you a restaurant owner, aspiring chef, or culinary enthusiast seeking to unlock the true potential of your gastronomic creations? Look no further than Chef Consultant, the premier culinary consultancy that will take your culinary experience to new heights!


At Chef Consultant, we understand that the art of food goes beyond mere sustenance—it's an expression of passion, creativity, and unforgettable experiences. Our team of seasoned culinary experts is dedicated to helping you revolutionise your menu, optimise your operations, and leave an indelible mark on the taste buds of your patrons.


Why choose Chef Consultant?


1. Unparalleled Expertise: Our consultants boast an impressive array of culinary accolades, including Michelin-starred backgrounds, international cooking competitions, and years of hands-on experience in diverse culinary landscapes. With their refined skills and in-depth knowledge, they are equipped to tackle any challenge your kitchen may face.


2. Customised Solutions: We understand that every restaurant or food establishment is unique. That's why we tailor our consultancy services to suit your specific needs, whether you're looking to enhance your current offerings, create a brand-new concept, or streamline your kitchen operations. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop customised strategies that align with your vision and business objectives.


3. Menu Development and Innovation: Stand out from the crowd with our menu development expertise. We specialize in crafting tantalising menus that not only showcase your culinary identity but also entice diners with innovative flavour combinations and visually stunning presentations. From appetisers to desserts, we'll help you curate a menu that delights and surprises your guests.


4. Operational Efficiency: Efficient kitchen operations are the backbone of a successful culinary enterprise. Our consultants will analyse your workflow, identify areas for improvement, and implement streamlined processes that optimise productivity and reduce waste. By maximising efficiency, you'll increase profitability and ensure smooth operations in your establishment.


5. Staff Training and Development: A highly skilled team is essential to deliver exceptional dining experiences. Chef Consultant offers comprehensive training programs to sharpen the skills of your kitchen staff, enhance their culinary techniques, and instil a culture of excellence. From knife skills to plating finesse, we'll empower your team to create culinary masterpieces.

6. Event Management, from small corporate event to large Music Festival. We can organise all licenses, help you with music promotors, catering setup, bars and event licenses.


Don't settle for ordinary when you can achieve culinary greatness with Chef Consultant. Let us be your partners in culinary success, elevating your establishment to the forefront of the gastronomic world. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a flavourful journey like no other.


Chef Consultant: Unleash the artistry in your kitchen!


Born in Poland, family of chefs, Damian received BA Degree in Hospitality and Management


Experienced at 2 Michelin Star / Worlds Best Restaurant Noma


Head Chef at London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics


GCE - International Culinary Consultancy


Culinary Program with Mary Berry

2017 - 2022

House of Feasts Restaurant


Preparing Banquet for Royal Family




Preparing another Banquet for Royal Family


Launch of Pierogi Kiosk


Fit for Prince - Nationwide Campaign


Worlds Top 10 Food Influencer to Follow in 2019


Worlds Top 10 Food Influencer to Follow 2020


Online Delicatessen 


MODA, Events & Catering


Bistro 'MODA" - Opening in 2024!


Damian's Kiosk at AMAZON

Damian's MODA Food, Official Caterer for POSH WOMEN

Wedding. catering services

Corporate & Private Catering Services

- Lunch Boxes Delivery
- Fish & Chips
- Burgers & Hand Cut Fries
- AirStream Catering or Meals Delivery


catering services, moda food


Place to be in 2024!

Brand new Bistro 'MODA' will open at Thorpe Meadows in 2024!

Relaxed dining experience in the middle of NENE PARK, Nature Reserve.

MODA - Catering also available!

Chef Damian will serve his signature dishes, including Pastrami sandwiches, smoked meats, Pierogi, Vegan Meals, Full English Breakfast and much more!

culinary consultancy London, business consultancy


An award winning chef, restaurateur and humanitarian. Join our supper clubs and book table at our restaurants!

- Corporate Catering
- Personal Chef
- Consultant
- Wedding Catering
- Dine at our Bistro (Opening in March 2024)


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